I have chosen to express my artwork in many mediums, with my favorite subject being the human figure. It is a special pleasure to capture the mystery and dignity of humans in a pose.

After studying with the late Irwin Greenberg at The Art Student’s League in New York City, I began painting the human figure in a watercolor technique that mixes white gauche and transparent watercolor applied on four-ply plate Bristol paper. This technique allows for more freedom in the use of the medium. After paint is applied to the paper, clear water on the brush can lift even dried paint from the paper to pick up highlights and give a beautiful lifelike result.

I also have been sketching figures from life in charcoal, chalk and pastels, and oil. Oil paint is still my favorite choice of medium to create atmosphere and drama and achieve a likeness of the human subject.

Acrylic paint is my newest inspiration in painting. I have spent many summers doing plein aire landscapes with other artists on the Connecticut shoreline and in Fairfield County. This led to my interest in painting with acrylic paint, which quickly dries to keep up with changing outdoor light. I find it adapts to all my favorite venues. The website reflects this new interest with examples in landscape, still life, and portraiture. Vibrant colors and light are displayed in high key to create a light filled canvas.

Maybe the journey to acrylic painting is understandable as I have spent years in pastel, oil and watercolor. It has been said about my work that you cannot tell the difference between my finished oils and a finished acrylic painting. The paintings depict realism in a transformed emotional way to create an impression of joy and happiness.

The usual shoreline painting will pop with earth catching light. A still life will not sit still but will bounce and vibrate with color. My portraits will reflect the impressions Vincent Van Gogh had when he projected bright colors and highlighted human feelings never seen before on a canvas.

Enjoy my website as together we walk through my experience in all the art mediums; where each has a beauty all its own, and lends itself to both a traditional and contemporary look.  – Elena Gerard

Elena | 24″ x 18″ | Charcoal & Chalk
Self Reflection | 14″ x 11″ | Acrylic

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